Moving Forward Pittsburgh, Inc. makes program changes

Pittsburgh, PA — Moving Forward Pittsburgh, Inc. has announced changes to 2 of its 3 programs. Effective September 15, 2015, the Patching the Cracks program has been renamed “Parent Empowerment Network” to better reflect the program mission of linking parents to other parents of children with learning challenges as well as providing access to a network of professionals that help to maximize a child’s educational performance.  Also effective September 1, 2015, the From the Inside Out on-line curricula for nonprofits doing career training will no longer be offered.  The Operation E-Cycle program, established in 2010, will remain the same and has begun actively looking for equipment donations with Microsoft’s launch of Windows 10.

Says Barbara Shafran, M.Ed. Founder and Executive Director, “Nine months into our Patching the Cracks program we have seen that what we are really providing is support for the parents to empower them to speak to school districts in a more informed way.  We are helping parents to interpret tests and reports, building strategies and suggesting that the parents speak with parents who have experienced similar challenges.  We also are building a network of learning-oriented and behavioral professionals and education lawyers to help parents better assess their public school needs. We are thrilled with the results of our first 4 cases.”

The From the Inside Out training curricula project yielded some important information in its three-year span.  Most importantly, incorporating psychological coping skills and urban vernacular business English skills in constituent training boosts the outcome of career training programs.  Unfortunately, the project also revealed that prominent career training programs do not have the funding to pay the psychological counselors needed, nor do these programs have time in their packed training program schedules for extra instruction despite the probable boost in their outcomes.  Andrea Long, Chair of Client Support Services and a program instructor comments, “We are sorry that at this time there does not seem to be a market for our curricula.  We hope that both non-profit and for-profit career training programs will reconsider addressing the psychological and linguistic needs of their students to ensure lasting, life-long changes for them.”  The program was also ended because  grant funding in the career training program category is very competitive and hard to win.

Finally, Operation E-Cycle has provided 40 organizations with 600 pieces of technology equipment since 2010 and is looking forward to providing at least 8 more organizations with equipment in 2015.

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