Operation E-Cycle


… over 400 pieces of equipment to 60 nonprofits since 2010!

Assisting the community to re-purpose and re-use its technology resources is one way that Moving Forward helps nonprofits to work “greener” — both financially and environmentally.

By PA state law, electronic waste (E-Waste) cannot be disposed of in landfills. E-Waste is any electronic item containing computer boards. Examples: TVs, desktop and laptop computers, and computer peripherals, including: keyboards, mice, printers, etc. E-waste requires separate disposal.

E-Waste can be taken apart and the pieces and parts RE-CYCLED; or instead of becoming  E-Waste, older technology equipment that is still functioning can be refurbished and RE-USED.  Moving Forward promotes the RE-USE of older technology equipment.


Moving Forward staff, members and volunteers solicit businesses, governmental agencies, and other organizations for laptops, desktops, servers, printers and other technology items that are marked for disposal or donation. They also arrange for these items to be picked up or dropped off at the Moving Forward office in downtown Pittsburgh. Because Moving Forward has 501(C)(3) nonprofit status from the IRS, in most cases, these donations are tax deductible for donors.

Simultaneously, the Operation E-Cycle program also finds homes for the refurbished equipment at local nonprofit organizations,  and we consult with nonprofits to define their technology needs.  We help nonprofits to obtain much needed technology equipment at little or no cost.

We do charge a minimal order processing fee from receiving organizations to help offset program expenses:

  • 1 – 5 computers or pieces of equipment = $25 total fee
  • 6-14 computers or pieces of equipment = $50 total fee
  • 15 – 20 computers or pieces of equipment = $100 total fee

When applicable a data wiping fee of $40-$80 per PC or laptop may apply, depending on grant funding available.

Our standard machines come loaded with Windows and Libre Office, a free Linux-based, FREE, full office productivity software suite that is compatible with Microsoft Office.  Our standard imaging fee is $125 per machine. Non-standard imaging fees vary.  Machines are also available with blank hard drives and no software.

Printers are available from $75-$100, and we have monitors starting at $40.

We also care about the environment, that is why we ask every nonprofit with whom Moving Forward works to dispose of the equipment they receive through Operation E-Cycle (when it is no longer usable) at a responsible, certified computer equipment waste facility like Goodwill Industries in Lawrenceville, Commonwealth Computer Recycling in Westmoreland County or E-Loop in East Liberty.

Below, see what some of our 60 clients —  served over the past 7 years —  have to say about us.  And learn about the environmental and financial benefits of re-using technology equipment in our slide show presentation.


Learn about the advantages of RE-USE over RE-CYCLING by viewing our Operation E-Cycle Presentation.


Please contact Barbara Shafran, bshafran@mvfwd.org, 412-977-6688, to discuss making technology device donations to Moving Forward or to request  equipment for your non-profit.


E-Cycle Program Application

If you are a non-profit in the southwestern Pennsylvania area in need of computer equipment, feel free to complete the on-line questionnaire including a contact name and number. A Moving Forward Pittsburgh representative representative will review your information and contact you. Businesses interested in donating computer equipment can fill out the same form. Make sure to select the appropriate option.