CLASS – Talking to school districts about your child’s autism and/or ADHD


LUNCH & LEARN   Autism Notebook Education Center, Robinson Twp.

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Moving Forward Pittsburgh’s first LUNCH AND LEARN at the AUTISM NOTEBOOK EDUCATION CENTER in Robinson Twp.  Saturday, November 12 from 1pm – 3 pm or Tuesday, November 15 from 1pm – 3pm.

Stop your child with a learning difference from being  “pushed through” or “blown off.”  Moving Forward’s Parent Empowerment Network helps parents learn how to ask questions and make suggestions that schools better understand.  The class will review the special education process in the state of PA, the 504 process and the IEP process.  If you have an IEP or 504 that is not working, bring it to class and we will discuss ways to improve them.  Struggling to get a 504 or IEP, our Parent Support Advocates have been there and done that and have some advice for you.  Price includes light lunch.  Price: $15.00 per person. NO REFUNDS.

CLASS HELD AT The Autism Notebook Education Center, 7051 Steubenville Pike, Oakdale, PA  15071