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PEN Observations and Strategy Report and 1-Hour Meeting


Report and analysis of student records and tests and specific instructions on how to address items of relevance in the report, plus a one-hour meeting to present and discuss the report when completed.

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After the initial one-hour meeting, a parent/guardian will decide if they wish to continue to work with a Moving Forward Parent Peer-Support Specialist (PPSS).  If so, the parent may purchase and pay in full for a $300 report with strategy suggestions and a one-hour meeting to review that report with the PPSS.  Many attorneys charge upwards of $250 per hour, and this report can save families money but saving an attorney case research time.

Referrals are made to vetted professionals as needed, including psychologists and attorneys.

The $300 must be paid in full before work can begin gathering and analyzing data and preparing the final document. This $300 is non-refundable.


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