Moving Forward Launches Two New Programs: Life Coaching and A Voice for Veterans

PITTSBURGH, PA —  JULY 25, 2016.  Moving Forward Pittsburgh, Inc. Founder and Executive Director, Barbara Grushesky Shafran, has announced today that effective August 1, 2016, the organization will launch two new programs:  the Life Coaching Program and the A Voice for Veterans Program.

States Ms. Shafran, “Our Board realized that what we were doing with our From the Inside Out career training/workforce development program was really a version of life coaching.  We feel that we have really differentiated ourselves in the non-profit education space by providing high-quality life coaching services to everyone, not just to those looking for workforce development or a career or job change.  Most importantly, we can help those who are ready to grow themselves in terms of their careers, relationships, health and overall  happiness.”  Ms. Nancy Sansom will serve as Program Director and a Life Coach for the new Life Coaching Program.  She possesses vast experience in business management and  the field of psychology, including creating and implementing employee assistance programs.

The Moving Forward Board also wanted to find a way to help veterans in the Greater Pittsburgh and surrounding area and has named  Ms. Debra Schmiedlin  as Program Director for the new A Voice for Veterans Program.  Ms. Schmiedlin has several years of experience helping veterans in nursing homes and in the community at-large to obtain benefits that they were not collecting.  Ms. Schmiedlin will also start Moving Forward’s program in area nursing homes, but states, “I really want to help any veteran that is having issues finding the resources he or she may require, especially ones suffering from medical conditions.  We can’t guarantee that we can help everyone, but we can sure give every veteran the attention he or she deserves.”

Ms. Shafran concluded by saying, “Since 2009 we have been doing great things for the Pittsburgh community like providing 60 non-profits with over 400 pieces of technology equipment through our Operation E-Cycle Program, training and placing 20 individuals through our From the Inside Out career training/workforce development program, and helping 10 families get resources for their children struggling in school through our Parent Empowerment Network Program.   I can’t wait to see how many more individuals we will help with these new programs.  It is truly a pleasure for all of us at Moving Forward Pittsburgh, Inc. to help those in the Pittsburgh area to move forward.”

The two programs will further the mission of the organization:  to help non-profits and individuals to “move forward” with their goals by providing affordable technology and education resources.  Moving Forward maintains an office on First Avenue in downtown Pittsburgh and a satellite office in Wexford, PA.  For more information email, or visit

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